Kamis, 19 Februari 2015

review A Convenient Truth movie

review A Convenient Truth movie - synopsis A California assemblyman reveals his plan to solve the energy crisis by hiring illegal immigrants to ride electricity-generating bicycles.

 A Convenient Truth movie  USER RATING NOT YET RATED MPAA RATINGGENRES Comedy DIRECTED BY Dominick Bagnato COUNTRIESUSARELEASE DATE Feb 20, 2015 (USA - Limited) RUN TIME85 min.

A Convenient Truth film RELEASED BYLiving Daylights Pictures cast A Convenient Truth movie Alan Berman Coleman Burleson Elise Rovinsky Kitty Burleson Gilli Messer Eleanor Burleson Jillian Leigh Cardamom Burleson Leonard Wingmon Burleson Attorney

crew A Convenient Truth movie  Dominick Bagnato Director, Screenwriter Beth Renfro Producer Charlie Pinto Producer Patrick Steward Producer Adam Orellana

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